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Steps to Become a Radio Presenter

Steps to Become a Radio Presenter

Steps to Become a Radio Presenter

Whether you have the necessary credentials or not, you will learn how to work as a professional OAP in Nigeria in this post. You’ll be aware of what an OAP does, who they are, how to become one, and their responsibilities.

Hence, read this article through to the finish and consider how it will benefit your career as a radio presenter. There are numerous on-air personalities who are successful in their radio presenting careers in the modern world, namely in Nigeria. Some of these on-air personalities really studied (went to school) to become OAPs, while others did not.

Those that did undoubtedly had a qualification that allowed them to work at radio stations. Talent was what they possessed. They can keep their audience interested and entertained, yes. If you believe that your talent or the lack of a degree will prevent you from finding work, this is not always the case.

The processes to becoming an OAP in Nigeria are listed below:

1. Increase your passion for media.

In Nigeria, this is the first step in becoming an oap. Your credentials or certificates are insufficient to operate as a radio presenter or OAP at a radio station; you require more. You must grow as a person. Even if entertaining people is your passion or gift, you still need to get better at it. There are numerous ways to develop oneself.

Listening to your favorite OAPs on the radio is one approach to better oneself. Find out what makes these folks special by listening to them. By reading some articles on how to become a good OAP and watching some YouTube videos, you can also improve yourself. Improve yourself to the point when you have nothing left to read or listen to again.

2. Enroll in a broadcasting school

Although while not every successful OAP has a degree and attended the National Broadcasting Academy, you should do so if you can afford to do so. You can get a degree in mass communication.

However, if you are unable to, any other course will suffice as long as you are also receiving a professional degree. It is also advantageous to learn one or two Nigerian languages. I am aware of certain radio hosts who were given their jobs entirely on the basis of their proficiency in various Nigerian languages.

This, however, only really works if the radio station uses the native tongues. Some radio hosts even take it a step further and study these Nigerian languages in class.

3. Amass Work Experience

The next stage after earning a degree or other credentials is to obtain work experience. Apply to various radio stations, explaining what you’ve learned in class and your desire to use their stations as a way to obtain experience in broadcasting, in order to gain work experience.

It is likely that you will be assigned to a radio station, TV station, newspaper company, or any other media outlets if you are currently serving or completing your NYSC. Because that is what you actually want to do, do everything in your power to ensure that you are posted to a radio station.

As you work and earn experience, be sure to connect with OAPs both inside and outside of your radio station. This is to make sure that it will be simple for you to find a better career once your service or experience is complete.

4. Obtaining an Excellent Job or Contract

When you have finished serving and have gained experience on the job, you can start looking for better chances that will result in a respectable salary. Write a CV emphasizing your accomplishments as an OAP based on your credentials, credentials, and experience, then send these CVs to as many radio stations as you can.

Consider your connections at these radio stations as well so that the human resources department will see your resume. Make sure to seek legal counsel before signing a contract to work as an OAP for any radio station, especially from attorneys experienced in the entertainment sector. This is to guarantee that, as an OAP of that station, you receive the finest deals and advantages.

5. Get a promotion or honor

When it comes time to earn a promotion or raise, don’t limit yourself because you’re older and others are fighting for it by working hard. Dream big, too. You cannot be an OAP forever, so get ready for the days when your status as one will end due to one promotion or another.

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As long as you enjoy talking, becoming an OAP can be amusing and gratifying because it is not difficult. You will succeed if you work on yourself and have faith in your abilities. You can earn money as a radio host by producing jingles, providing voiceovers, and more.

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