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How to Create a SON Business Account

How to Create a SON Business Account

How to Create a SON Business Account

Do you produce goods in Nigeria? You manufacture commodities or import items into the nation, and you want to market and market these goods. You must register them with the Nigerian Standard Organization (SON).

I’ll show you how to do this quickly and tell you everything else you need to know about the SON business account in today’s article.

What is Nigeria’s Standard Organization (SON)?

A statutory agency with the authority to standardize and control the quality of all items in the nation is the Standard Organization of Nigeria. Act No. 56 of 1971 established the SON. The International Organization for Standardization accepts SON as a full member (IOS).

Why is SON requiring you to register your product?

No new product can be deemed fit for consumption by the general public without first receiving a SON safety certification. This means that you cannot avoid SON unless you wish to offer low-quality goods, and if you do this, the law will quickly catch up with you.

Often times, business owners sell legitimate goods, but because the goods aren’t SON-certified, they are viewed as being illegal. Your products can be trusted if they are legitimately registered because that demonstrates transparency.

Advantages of SON Product Registration

When you register your goods or company with the Standard Organization of Nigeria, you stand to reap a lot of advantages.

  1. With your product’s proper SON registration The SON logo will be imprinted on the packaging for your goods. This demonstrates that people have tried and trusted your goods.
  2. This demonstrates that both consumers and regulatory bodies can track your products.
  3. When a product is registered with SON and bears the SON mark, it is difficult for it to be counterfeited.
  4. You can file a lawsuit against the business or people responsible for counterfeiting your goods if it is registered with the SON.
  5. It keeps you, the producer, in check so that you maintain making things that are up to par.

Punishment for failing to register your products under the SON

The consequences can be severe, especially if you are new to the system.

  1. You risk being held liable if you produce inferior goods.
  2. You can be required to pay an organization-determined fine.
  3. The inspectorate and compliance directorate have the authority to seize your items if they are dangerous or fake. This might be a significant loss, especially if there are numerous products involved.

To register your company or products with the Standard Organization of Nigeria, follow the steps listed below.

  1. On your phone or computer, go to, the SON’s official website.
  2. On the webpage, find the “e-product registration” link and click it to get started.
  3. If you already have an account, you can log in or register as a new user at this point.
  4. To register as a new user, click “create account” and enter your business number (RC3254). Please be aware that you must first register your business name under CAC before registering your product or service with SON.

Your business number should be entered first, followed by your email address. Make sure it is easily accessible.

  1. After you click “Sign Up,” the system will email you a six-digit pin.
  2. Enter your email and copy the six provided digits. Enter the six digits as your password and your RC number as your username.
  3. Continue by filling out the details about your business and clicking continue.
  4. The website will now produce payment advice for you. Print it out, then bring it to the bank. Often, that payment instruction comes with a remita number (RRR). While paying at the bank, you will need this RRR number.
  5. You will receive a payment receipt including important details about your payment after the payment has been made in the back. Re-visit the website, log in, and then complete the needed fields on the payment receipt there.

Once you’ve finished, your registration will be considered successful.


In Nigeria, registering your company name from the comfort of your home is simple. Nowadays, registering your company or product with SON is simple. The procedures are quite simple to follow. The Standard Organization of Nigeria business registration has various advantages.

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