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How to Launch a Pure Water Business (2023)

How to Launch a Pure Water Business in Nigeria (2023)

How to Launch a Pure Water Business in Nigeria (2023)

Learn how to create a pure water factory, also known as a pure water business, in Nigeria by reading this article. I’ll also cover other topics like if the clean water industry is profitable, how much money is required to launch in Nigeria, what equipment is also required, and more.

To learn everything you need to know about starting a pure water business in Nigeria, read this article through to the end. Due of the demand it fills, the pure water factory industry in Nigeria is immensely lucrative. Even when they are not eating, Nigerians cannot exist without water.

Life’s fundamental component is water. Although though Nigeria has four sources of water, including lakes, rain, wells, and municipal water, it lacks portable drinking water. And the only way Nigerians can drink clean water without getting sick or ingesting undesired chemicals and minerals is through the manufacture of pure water.

Regardless of the season—rainy, dry, hot, or cold—everyone requires access to water. Several types of water are offered for sale in Nigeria. For instance, pure water is more cheap than table, drinking, and dispenser water. Because of this, consumer demand for pure water keeps rising daily.

The steps required to launch a business producing pure water in Nigeria are listed below:

1. Plan your business.

Starting a pure water company in Nigeria begins with this. A pure water business plan is necessary to thoroughly inform you about the industry and the many revenue streams available to you. Even as a novice, the business plan will show you how to launch your own clean water factory in Nigeria.

You will also be aware of the risk associated with the pure water industry, particularly the challenges that Nigerian businesses in this sector face. If you are unable to write one yourself, you may purchase one of the many pure water business plans available or you can engage us to write one at a discounted rate.

Your pure water factory firm needs a solid business strategy, especially given that it requires a lot of capital to operate. For a thorough explanation of how to construct business plans, read our post on how to write a business plan in Nigeria.

2. Sign up your company with CAC and NAFDAC.

Because you sell food, it is crucial that your pure water plant be registered with the appropriate regulatory bodies in Nigeria. The government has to be aware that you operate a legitimate business and are knowledgeable about good hygiene.

To operate a pure water business, you must first register your firm with the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission). Once you’ve finished and received your certification, you can register your pure water corporation with NAFDAC.

There are a few procedures you must first complete in order to register your pure water business with NAFDAC. It is necessary to have a manufacturing location, workers, installed clean water-making equipment, and all necessary supplies on hand.

so that before granting you a NAFDAC registration for your pure water business, NAFDAC can test your pure water. For additional information on registering your business with CAC, read this article on how to register your business name in Nigeria.

3. Selecting a Manufacturing Location

Without a factory location, sachet water manufacture is impossible. Where substantial production of pure water or table water takes place is at an industrial location. Here are a few factors you should take into account when choosing a factory location for your pure water business.

Be sure the home or storage facility you are using is yours. Be sure the rent is affordable if you are renting anything that is not yours. Also, confirm that the house or warehouse meets the requirements of a facility producing pure water and is sufficiently clean.

If the building doesn’t meet the requirements for a pure water factory, you can make some changes to give it that appearance.

4. Setting up the Water Equipment

For your sachet water business, installing water equipment is crucial. Keep in mind that water is the thing you are selling. Every water equipment needs to be installed appropriately. There are service providers who can assist you with this, and you can pay them for their assistance as well as ongoing maintenance of your machines for producing pure water.

Also, as this is where your water will come from, you must professionally dig a borehole for your pure water business in order to ensure optimum water quality. Most pure water firms may dig the earth three or more times, depending on the type of terrain or locality, to obtain portable water.

5. Employing Personnel or Workers

For your pure water business in Nigeria, you require employees or workers. These employees will see to it that your factory producing pure water runs smoothly on a daily basis.

You will require the following personnel for your pure water production business:

  1. Manager
  2. Pharmacist or chemist
  3. Loaders
  4. A gateman
  5. Cashier

You have two options for hiring the personnel: either hire the staff yourself or use the services of an employment agency. You are in charge of this. Your staff’s compensation is also based on a variety of criteria. It depends on many factors, including the level of education, work experience, and living standards in your location.

6. The Making of Clean Water

Production of pure water cannot start until NAFDAC approves it. You must begin the processing of your registration as soon as possible for this reason. Once you have received your license, you may purchase your pure water nylons, begin printing, and begin creating pure water or water in bottles.

The time of day you make your sachet water will depend on the availability of power. The majority of sachet water manufacturers choose to produce their clean water at night, but the final option is yours.

7. Sales and Distribution of Clean Water

Power (electrical) issues are one of the main issues facing the pure water sector in Nigeria. Power shortages and the ongoing rise in diesel prices have been serious issues. Due to this issue, the price of pure water or water in bottles has drastically grown.

Nonetheless, customers continue to purchase water because they require it for survival and the necessity for portable water. You need a distribution van to efficiently distribute your pure and table water. Pure water will be delivered to customers and merchants using this van. Giving huge discounts to customers and retailers will help you advertise your pure water business in Nigeria as a new entrant in the industry.

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Notwithstanding the dangers and issues, the Nigerian pure water industry is nonetheless profitable, especially in places where the availability of pure water is very limited. Even though the pure water industry requires a lot of capital, you can still turn a profit during the first year of operation.

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