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Top 5 Reasons to Block Someone on Facebook

Is Blocking Someone Rude?

No, it does not depend on the situation. Your comfort and safety are what matter most in this situation. Facebook is all about socializing and making connections. Anything beyond this that puts you in danger justifies blocking them.

The top five reasons to block someone on Facebook are listed below:

1. Talk stalkers on Facebook

The primary justification for blocking someone on Facebook is this. You’ve probably dealt with at least one Facebook chat stalker. Although they can be somewhat surprising, you could think they are not up to anything. You’ll be astonished by how much they know about you despite the fact that it might not seem like they do.

To observe (their prey) anyone they are interested in to learn where they live and who they care about, Facebook chat sidebar stalkers/intruders, or whatever you want to call them, essentially utilize a microscope (a wonderful observation method). Also, these people can come to your home while no one is there to hurt or kill you.

There isn’t currently a universally applicable approach for identifying stalkers on social media, particularly Facebook, but you should ban them right away if your mind tells you that they belong on your friend list.

When you do this, the stalker is prevented from accessing your posts, uploading pictures, leaving comments, and engaging in your activities.

2. Unwanted Companion

On Facebook or WhatsApp, you can also ban someone based on an unwelcome acquaintance. This is when a complete stranger adds you as a friend without your knowledge and goes over and beyond by sending you unsolicited messages.

Some individuals occasionally build another account in your friend’s name when they feel ignored in order to chat or converse with them. Not simply due to their disruption, you need to block these people right away.

Also, they can taint your updates or profile with disparaging remarks only to get noticed. Someone like this can deface your Facebook page and your brand as a whole if you have them as a friend, thus you should block them.

You shouldn’t cease out this after blocking them. Keep an eye out for friend requests and check to make sure no new Facebook or WhatsApp accounts have been set up solely to keep an eye on you.

3. Various Groups

It’s strange how, after you add someone as a friend, you let them into your personal space and world, and then, before you know it, they’ve added you to a group without your consent. Many times on Facebook and even WhatsApp, this has happened to me.

And since I am still getting to know you as an online buddy and you do this, I had to take the necessary action. The point is, if I let you into my space, I want you to go by my rules or at the very least the basic guidelines for online friendship, such as getting to know my likes and dislikes before you start inviting me to join your group.

And it’s a fantastic excuse for me to block you if you are unable to understand or accept this.

4. invasive bugging

This typically occurs when someone you have known for a long time, such as friends, ask you for a favor and you ask them to hold off because you think it will take some time to grant their request.

Yet because they can’t wait, they start to message you nonstop (in your inbox). When you choose to ignore them and they start calling you names, the situation can get worse. When it occurs, you should block them.

5. Online bullying

Because people believe they can do anything behind their phone screens and get away with it, this is happening more frequently these days. Does it really matter that some people have developed a thicker skin for this? That doesn’t, particularly if they are going too far.

Although it is illegal, I have never seen anyone be arrested for cyberbullying (prove me wrong if I am here). So, it is best for you to handle it yourself by blocking this person (s). Do this without hesitation. Social media serves as a platform for unafraid interaction with others nearby.

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On Facebook or WhatsApp, you don’t always need a good cause to ban someone. Your reason for blocking may not even be one of the ones I stated above or one that makes sense to your friends. But if you think you’re on the right track, I’d like to know about it so I can add some of your arguments to this piece.

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