You are currently viewing Simple Instructions for Starting an Instagram Blog (2023)

Simple Instructions for Starting an Instagram Blog (2023)

Simple Instructions for Starting an Instagram Blog (2023)

Simple Instructions for Starting an Instagram Blog (2023)

Are you considering creating an Instagram blog? Do you want to know the specifics of the process step-by-step? Read the entire story. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll understand how to create your own Instagram professional blog, how to gain more followers, and how to monetize the blog.

One of the most well-known microblogs in the world, Instagram, has made it simple for bloggers and would-be bloggers to launch a blog on social media without having to buy domains and go through other laborious settings.

Yet it’s not quite as simple as it seems. To gain millions of followers, receive the approval seal, and begin making money either directly or indirectly, it takes time and work. In addition to this, you should be aware of how to respect others’ copyright, particularly when sharing images and movies.

So let’s get right to the steps without wasting too much time.

What is An Instagram blog?

Microblogging is a style of Instagram blogging. This is due to Instagram’s limit of 2,200 characters for words, as opposed to typical blogging platforms that allow for an unlimited number of words.

While businesses create Instagram blogs for a variety of purposes, the main one is to gain followers and promote their goods and services. You may make $150 every sponsored post as a small blogger on Instagram.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to establish an Instagram blog right now.

1. Open a profile on Instagram

Making an Instagram account is the first step in creating a blog on the platform. Three different kinds of Instagram accounts exist. We provide a creator’s account, a company account designed for business owners, and a personal account for people.

The creator account was created specifically for influencers and celebrities. You will use the creator’s account to create your blog. When you’re done with the registration, you can change from a personal account to a creator’s account.

To sign up for an Instagram account, go to or the Instagram app and complete the sign-up form with all the necessary information. You can now change your Instagram account from a personal account to a creator account once you’ve created it.

Click your profile and then on the upper right corner to change to a creator account. When you finish, a menu will show up. Next click on “switch to professional account” after selecting Account from the Menu. Instagram will next ask you to select a category that applies to you. You are now done.

2. Create a logo for your avatar or cover photo

You will need to develop a logo for your profile picture after setting up an Instagram account for your blog. Your blog will stand out from other blogs on Instagram if it has a logo rather than just a random image. You must take into account a few aspects when designing a logo, such as color, icon, and others.

Making this choice will assist you in designing a better blog logo. To create your logo, you might use a graphic design program like Canva. It takes hardly no time at all and is incredibly simple to use.

3. Add a profile photo and edit your bio

The next step is to change your Instagram bio and upload a profile picture. The first thing visitors will consider when deciding whether to follow your blog is your Instagram bio. The Instagram bio typically takes up a lot of room.

Aside from this, your profile will also display your account name, profile picture, narrative highlights, and three most recent uploads. You might describe your motivations for starting your blog or the subjects you wish to concentrate on in your Instagram bio.

Visit other blog profiles on Instagram to have a better understanding of Instagram bios and how they should be written.

4. Start distributing your content

You can start by sharing posts about the blog’s topic, some behind-the-scenes photos, and what readers of your blog can expect. This will help you start producing material for your Instagram blog. For starters, you must publish consistently—at least twice daily—to ensure that you are also constant in your posting.

This will enable you to quickly produce a large amount of material. You can make a calendar for your post to help you keep on topic and on-point with your writing. While developing content for your blog on Instagram, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Some of these include using appropriate captions and hashtags. This will be covered in my following point.

5. Use captivating hashtags and captions

It’s crucial to have captions. Even when they are not trying, they manage to fascinate your audience. Your viewers will learn more about your story through the captions you use. You might not even need to use captions on your own Instagram account because the image itself speaks for itself.

Yet, when it comes to your Instagram blog, your captions do more than just draw in followers—they also inform them of the topic of your post. Hence, whenever you want to offer material on the Instagram blog, you definitely need to utilize captivating captions.

You can check out other Instagram blogs and how they write their captions to learn how to write engaging captions for each post on Instagram. Adding pertinent hashtags to each post will help raise the likelihood that more Instagram users will see your blog.

As SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for blogs, consider hashtags. Every time someone searches for hashtags or related ones, they make it easier for people to find Instagram blogs.

6. Get more followers

There are a few things you should do to gain more Instagram followers for your site.

A. You should post frequently. Regular posting demonstrates consistency, and consistency convinces anyone reading your blog or your post that you are dedicated. This will encourage them to follow you for more topical updates.

B. Use hashtags.

c. Write about subjects that readers are genuinely interested in. Despite the difficulty of learning about this, tools like Instagram insights and metrics can be quite helpful.

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