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How to Transfer Money from USA to Nigeria

How to Send Money from USA to Nigeria

How to Transfer Money from USA to Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian resident in the United States who is looking for ways to transfer money to a Nigerian bank account (in dollars or naira)? Read the entire story. In this article, we’ll discuss the many apps you may use to transfer funds from the USA to a Nigerian account and recommend the most effective method for doing so.

Sending money to Nigeria from the USA can be done in a variety of significant methods. In this significant way, you can be confident that your family and friends will have no issue receiving dollars in Nigeria, whether in cash or into their Nigerian accounts.

But, there are a few things you need in order to send money to Nigeria successfully. You must use a phone. It doesn’t matter if this phone is an iPhone or an Android. The phone must have internet access as well.

The best approach to send money to Nigeria is not clear. It depends on what people are exposed to and on their preferences. While some individuals choose Western Union because of its widespread use and ability to accept cash payments, others prefer apps that can just electronically transmit monies.

How to Transfer Money from USA to Nigeria 2023

Below are the processes for sending money to Nigeria from the USA.

1. Register on a recommended app

The first step in sending money from the USA to any Nigerian bank account is to do this. As I mentioned before, there are numerous apps available for sending money to Nigeria from the United States. All of these apps cannot be used at once. The most you can do is use two of these apps for transmitting money.

Thus, you must select the app of your choosing, register, and get verified. If you comply with all requirements and procedures, the sign-up process often takes a while (up to 24 hours). You will, however, be able to transmit money from your account to another account in Nigeria following this.

Some apps won’t let you send money to other apps based on their specs. While others will let you transfer to different apps. Your recipient might need to download and register on the same app in order to receive money if the app you are using does not permit transfers to other applications.

A few apps allow users to transfer funds from US dollar accounts to Nigerian naira accounts. It relies on their rules or specs.

2. Use applications to send money

Although their processes are different, sending money to these money applications is not difficult. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, or even better, watch a YouTube video on how to use the application to send money. You can now start sending money via the app once you can receive it.

Remember that when you first sign up, your account will be empty and you will receive bonus funds. So, be on the lookout for all of these.

3. Use an app to send money to Nigeria

If you know how to use the app to receive money, you should have no trouble using it to transfer money. The best thing about using apps to transmit money is how quick and easy they are. Hence, unless there is a server or network issue, which is extremely unlikely, the recipient should receive the money within 10 minutes at most.

4. Minimum Amount of Payment or Withdrawal

Every app that sends or receives money has a payment or withdrawal threshold. You must be aware of this. While some apps raise the barrier if they notice suspicious activity on your account, some apps lower the threshold the more you use the app.

For instance, as long as your PayPal account has been confirmed, there is no withdrawal cap. But, if they notice fraudulent activity on your account, they may impose a withdrawal cap.

Because each of these apps has a separate set of benefits and drawbacks, there is no one best money-sending app, as I previously stated. Also, they provide their consumers with a variety of services or purposes.


Nowadays, sending money from the USA to Nigeria is not difficult, especially with the advantages or perks that the newest Fintech apps provide. It’s also crucial to be aware that using these applications has a cost because that’s how they’re managed and maintained.

Also, these apps store important information about you, including your transaction history and other accurate data.

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