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Stages to Becoming a Prosperous Makeup Artist

stages to becoming a prosperous makeup artist

stages to becoming a prosperous makeup artist

Are you interested in working as a makeup artist in Nigeria but unsure of how to get started? You are unaware of the procedures to follow? Read the entire story. You will learn how much you may earn as a makeup artist, how much it will cost to open a cosmetics studio in Nigeria, what certifications you’ll need, and finally the step-by-step instructions at the end of this post.

Many Nigerians are unaware of the lucrativeness of a sector like the makeup industry. They frequently underrate Nigeria’s overall cosmetics industry. But I can assure you that the cosmetics sector is worth several millions of Naira since everyone uses cosmetics, whether they are men, women, kids, or teenagers.

Nigerian women today care about how they appear, particularly while attending social events like parties. Owanbes, who are natives of Nigeria, typically avoid attending these events without a makeup artist.

Requirements for becoming a makeup artist

Other considerations include whether a degree is actually required to work as a professional or successful makeup artist in Nigeria. Indeed, in Nigeria you must possess at least one qualification in order to call oneself a professional makeup artist. This certification serves as proof that you attended a legitimate professional cosmetics school in Nigeria or another nation.

The stages to becoming a prosperous makeup artist in Nigeria are listed below:

1. Study at a Makeup Academy

Learning cosmetology from a reputable cosmetics school is the first step to becoming a professional makeup artist in Nigeria. You need to learn how to apply makeup in addition to watching the YouTube videos. You need practical experience to learn and comprehend things more quickly. The course you wish to study at the cosmetics school will determine how long it will take you to learn it.

Some classes endure for three months, six months, or an entire year. The cost of attending this school to learn cosmetology also depends on how long you plan to study. If you reside in Lagos, you may enroll at a school there. You can enroll at any professional makeup school in your state if you don’t live in Lagos.

2. Purchase your makeup tools or kits.

You need your makeup tools or kit in order to work as a makeup artist. You must have your own personal gear; renting one is not sufficient. In Nigeria, makeup kit costs can vary. It depends on the level of quality, the particular machinery, and other factors.

When attending makeup classes or soon after graduating, you can purchase your own cosmetics kit. Any apparel or fashion market around will have your makeup kit. For instance, if you’re in Lagos, you can purchase your equipment at CMS (Balogun).

3. Calculate your charges.

You need to have a pricing list, or the amount you charge for cosmetics, in order to be a successful make up artist in Nigeria. The type of makeup you do for your customer and a few other things I discussed before will determine how much you charge.

You must be aware of your pricing policy. If you are fresh out of cosmetics school, you may need to offer discounts or adjust your pricing list so that it is affordable for virtually everyone.

4. Construction of a Studio or Home Services

Construction costs for a makeup studio can be high, but if you can afford it, you should do it. Yet, if you can’t right away, you can start by providing home services and then later, when you can afford it, create your studio.

As a makeup artist, there are a few things you should take into account when providing services at home. You should pay close attention to the expense of transportation. Your makeup price list needs to include the cost of transportation.

5. Develop Your Consumer Base

Your first customer is the foundation for growing your consumer base. When you work for your clients, you need to start gathering their contact information. This clientele can be found in a book or on your phone. It’s crucial to establish a client base account, especially if your company is just getting off the ground.

By calling them frequently, you build a strong relationship with them that will ensure they always think of you when they need your services.

With social media, you can draw clients as a make-up artist. Just record and distribute cosmetics tutorial videos. Provide advice on how to apply cosmetics as well. Those who frequently check your social media videos and photos will become your clients.

6. Gains in the Cosmetics Industry

You can benefit from your beauty business in Nigeria in a variety of ways. By diversifying your business, you can increase your earnings. For instance, creating a cosmetics company concurrently with your makeup company. Giving discounts to consumers who send you new business is another way to boost your beauty firm’s revenues.

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You need to be shrewd and not constantly wait for clients to come to meet you if you want to succeed as a makeup artist in Nigeria. Also, you must understand that social media is a tool that should never be undervalued. Uploading makeup videos to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube can even earn you money online.

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