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Platforms To Advertise Your Business Online

Platforms To Advertise Your Business Online

There are lots of platforms to advertise your business online both for free and also paid ones. It’s quite important that you know which one will work for you according to the the of business you are running, or services you are rendering. Here is a list of different platforms you can advertise your business online.

1. Instagram

The sixth-most popular website, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is controlled by the same Business Manager account as Facebook advertisements. It is equally capable in terms of targeting, bidding, and media. Even better, you can put up one advertisement to run simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram. Instagram users have a potential reach of 1.16 billion for advertising, and advertisers there can connect with 83 million young people.
Instagram typically attracts a younger audience than Facebook. Additionally, having better visuals for your Instagram ads generally works better. Every month, 4 million companies employ Instagram Stories ads. Businesses that sell technology, clothing, food, and travel can thrive there.

2. Pinterest

 Pinterest is fantastic for blog owners and brands with a strong visual component.
When they advertise their products on Pinterest, small companies prosper. The majority of people know it as a fantastic platform for sharing crafts and recipes, but with the appropriate strategy, it might increase small company exposure. The stats on Pinterest can help you monitor your influence. enables users to post pictures from your company website. Make sure each important page of your website has one quality image that may be shared. Advice: Create topic- or category-specific Pinterest boards and “pin” your own content to them. Your website can come up when someone searches Pinterest for photographs related to a particular subject.

3. Google

Google continues to be the largest internet platform available for advertising your company. You can advertise your company online using Google’s AdWords platform (pay-per-click) on the following websites:

  • Google search results pages
  • Google Maps (aka Google My Business)
  • YouTube videos
  • Any website online that is part of Google’s Display Network
  • Any mobile app that is part of their Google Play network

The largest online platform to employ is Google AdWords because of the size and potential audience it can reach. Due to its size, the audience is extremely diverse and may be found in any age group, place in the world, industry, etc. Google is a good place to start if you’re a business owner looking to start marketing online. It’s the best way to online reach the most chunk of your target demographic. 60% of people click on mobile advertising at least once per week, 64% of mobile searches are conducted on Google, and 95% of mobile ad clicks are sent to Google Ads campaigns.

4. Google my business

One of the most important sites to advertise your website online in 2022 is here. It boosts your SEO, provides more information about your company to potential clients, produces detailed search results when people look up your company online, enables consumers to leave reviews and get in touch with you through Google, and does a lot more.

You are losing out if you do not currently have a GMB account. With Google Business, you may increase your chances of getting noticed among the daily searches that total close to 8 billion. Users of smartphone apps can simply find your door by connecting your physical address and phone number with Google My Business. Connect all of your social media accounts.

5. Facebook

Facebook is one of the next-best platforms to advertise your business online for internet company promotion. Despite not having as many advertising options as Google, it is still probably the second-best platform for most firms. With more than 2 billion members, it is also remains the biggest social networking platform. Not only can you build advertisements that show up in people’s news feeds as they go through their timelines, but you can also make ads that display in Messenger, Marketplace, and other places within the Facebook ecosystem. Although you can only use videos, graphic banners, and visual ads, the conversion rate can be very high.

Facebook users spend 50 minutes per day on the platform, reaching 2.74 billion monthly active users and 59% of the world’s social networking users. Facebook also has a 2.14 billion strong advertising audience. Each month, the average Facebook user clicks on 12 ads.

6. Facebook Messenger

If you work in digital marketing, Facebook probably serves as one of your primary outlets. But did you realize that Facebook Messenger may be used for business? Additionally, Facebook Messenger is actively used by more than 1.5 billion individuals. However, fewer than 1% of companies use this tested channel to interact with their customers. You need a chat platform to communicate with clients at scale if you want to maximize the potential of Facebook Messenger marketing. Additionally, MobileMonkey is the most well-known Facebook chat marketing platform, and you can use it to promote on Facebook for free to your whole audience. Facebook Messenger chatbots allow you to engage with your audience with marketing automation tools such as:

  • No cost lead generation Automatically collect the names, emails, and phone numbers of your Facebook followers!
  • A single notice Encourage people to sign up for updates and marketing messaging
  • Sequenced messages on Facebook, SMS, and webchat are used in drip marketing.
  • You should verify the license of the particular internet website before logging in.
  • Facebook autoresponders for posts: Utilize organic Facebook postings to gather leads and subscribers.

Your Facebook Messenger bot can add all the Messenger contacts it has collected to its other MobileMonkey marketing channels. This covers SMS text messaging, on-website live chat, and other chat applications like WhatsApp and Instagram. By doing so, you’ll be able to create user profiles, view a person’s whole history across all channels, send them messages depending on their actions, and give them the option to participate in future campaigns.

7. Bing

With the same system of employing keywords, bidding, targeting, and having a distinct search and display network, Bing advertising function similarly to those of Google and is amazingly one of the platforms to advertise your business online. Bing’s advertisements can be seen on its own website as well as on Yahoo and AOL’s and other internet domains it owns.
There is no way around the fact that Bing is not as large as Google and is not nearly as competitive. The number of individuals you can reach will be less, but you could be able to reach a different demographic at a far cheaper and more effective cost. Users of Bing typically fall towards an older age group. Therefore, it might be a very helpful location if your business caters to clients who are 35 years of age or older.

Bing, which contributes for 30% of all search engine share and more than 6 billion monthly queries, can help you reach 162 million unique searchers. Bing often has lower bids and less intense keyword competition. Microsoft searchers in the US are likely to spend 0.76% more than Google searchers and 21.5% more than the ordinary web searcher. For the majority of queries, Bing displays more advertising at the top of the page than Google.

8. Bing places for business

Google My Business rivals Bing Places for Business. It works virtually exactly the same and gives you all the same features and resources for promoting your website. The advantage of Bing Places is that it gives you access to a different segment of the online market. Best of all, since Bing isn’t as popular as Google, it’s simpler for companies to pop up on the less popular search engine.

9. Fiverr

A global internet marketplace for independent contractors is called Fiverr. The platform of Fiverr links freelancers with individuals or companies looking to hire. You have no advertising budget. Professional services like podcast editing and website design are frequently sold on Fiverr. A company profile is cost-free. You don’t have to pay anything. Each sale is split 80/20 between you and Fiverr.

10. Waze

If you are unfamiliar with Waze, it is a recent program that competes with Google Maps. It also includes a platform for regional advertising, which small companies with physical stores may find useful. You may create a branded location pin for your store and search ads with Waze advertising that will position your company at the top of search results.

Additionally, it offers a “zero-speed takeover” ad structure that displays your company as a digital billboard as users browse the map feature. Waze is fantastic for companies looking to increase brand recognition in areas where people frequently search for places to go, like car dealerships, doctors, lawyers, restaurants, and other service-based businesses. Waze launched Waze Local in 2018 as a platform for advertising small companies. More than 7 million local company navigations have been attributed to it.
You may start advertising with Waze for as little as $2 per day, according to their website. Branded Pins, Promoted Search, Zero-Speed Takeover, and Arrows are the 4 ad forms.

12. Yelp

Yelp began as a site for online reviews but is now expanding to serve as a more comprehensive local business platform. It benefits neighborhood businesses just like Waze does. You are probably going to find Yelp’s list of the “top 10 eateries” in your city if you search for “best restaurants near me.”
People are turning to it more frequently to identify specific kinds of local businesses, particularly service-based firms. Net revenue of 846.8 million USD was generated in 2017, up 19% from 2016. 97% of all revenue was earned in 2018 through selling businesses advertising space on the website and mobile apps. Businesses claimed about 5 million Yelp business listing pages as of December 2018. 2018’s net income of 942 million USD represents 11% growth over 2017.

You can create enhanced listings and banner adverts, just like Waze. A competitor’s unclaimed listing may also contain your adverts.

13. TikTok

The popular social media platform TikTok, formerly known as “,” was introduced in 2014 and also one of the platforms to advertise your business online. It has grown to be one of the biggest social media platforms in the past three years, giving it a fantastic platform for online website promotion. The main features of TikTok are quick, humorous video clips and user interaction. This makes it perfect for companies with a younger clientele and a playful corporate identity.

14. LinkedIn

The Google of networking, job searching, and recruitment is LinkedIn. Despite having a lesser readership than the majority of the other locations on this list, it is a fantastic platform for B2B enterprises and some service-based firms due of its nature. You may target people based on their industry, job title, or firm, which is fantastic for a B2B business. It can also work well if your company caters primarily to a certain industry; a hearing clinic, for instance, can target those who work in noisy situations. It functions as a platform for creating banner or video adverts that appear in a user’s timeline, similar to Facebook. Inbox advertisements and sidebar text ads are also present.

An advertisement on LinkedIn, the most reputable social network in the US, can reach 13% of people worldwide. In Q4 2020, LinkedIn’s ad reach increased by 25 million. More than 200 targeting options are available in LinkedIn advertisements. LinkedIn ads can boost buyers’ intentions by 33%.

15. Twitter

As a result of its smaller user base and more constrained advertising options, Twitter is a less popular social media network than Facebook or Instagram. It remains one of the top platforms for content marketing, nevertheless. You may be able to reach more individuals and increase engagement with it. Try using Twitter to promote an article, blog post, or other piece of material that might position your company as an authority in your industry. Additionally, you may use it to tweet about deals and discounts.
With a 353 million-strong advertising audience, Twitter can reach 5.8% of adults in the world. Both ad income and ad engagement are up 15% and 27%, respectively. Carousel advertising on the Twitter website increased by 15% on average.

16. Etsy

Customers who want to purchase handcrafted goods can do so on the wildly popular website Etsy. Setting up a shop on Etsy is free for sellers. However, listing each item costs 20 cents, and when something sells, transaction fees are charged.

17. Geebo

As a “safe community classifieds” choice, Geebo takes great satisfaction in itself. The prevalence of scams and spam on free advertising platforms, particularly classifieds, is one of the main problems. Geebo goes above and above to strengthen, safeguard, and connect communities. Even a special automated system that scans adverts for conceivable dangerous and illegal activities has been developed by them. Additionally, Geebo is regularly updated to stay abreast of trends in illicit activity on other websites. 

Visitors will trust your advertisements. Advertising won’t be diluted by tens of thousands of bogus or automated advertising.
It is significantly more accurate and predictable to measure ad performance.

Another great part of posting on Geebo is the fact that your product listing may be shared on Geebo’s social media channels, which have over 60,000 followers combined. If having the safest platform possible is your priority, Geebo counters Craigslist by taking precautionary measures to keep users safe. Before a classified ad goes live on Geebo, the company will review your listing. In fact, in 17 years of operation, Geebo claims to have never had any problems with illegal activity. So if you’re concerned about quality and want a free/low-cost advertising option, consider placing ads on Geebo.

17. Manta

You won’t likely find a directory more committed to the needs of small businesses than Manta for spreading the word about your brand. Millions of unique users come to this website each month, and this advertisement platform has one of the largest databases of listings for individual companies, businesses, and industry segments. Manta uses web technologies like Google Ads and SEO to connect small companies with their target market. Additionally, it gives you access to a variety of additional helpful tools for promoting your website and business, and it can assist you in using social media more effectively.

18. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is one of the best resources for local businesses to find new customers. It is an online directory that enables users to look for products and services in their neighborhood, which might help you get in front of potential clients. It is simple to introduce your firm to your market because you can even conduct your own customer searches.

19. YouTube

The most effective marketing tool in the world may be YouTube. It is very easy to promote businesses and ads on youtube through the help of videos which may make its creator become prosperous very immediately. Online business development and growth resources are abundant on YouTube.

20. Bizsugar

One of the top free platforms you can use to advertise your business and website online for small businesses is the bookmarking website Bizsugar. a social network for small and medium-sized enterprises. You can use BizSugar as a company owner, manager, or entrepreneur to share contents and more.

21. Insider Pages

Insider Pages is a regional website. As a result, trustworthy companies can succeed and consumers can buy trustworthy products. When visitors search for your content categories on these websites, your link will appear since they have added your information to their data banks. Enhance your search engine optimization as well as showing the name of your company and its website.

22. Citysearch

An online city guide called Citysearch offers details on establishments in the industries of dining, entertainment, retail, travel, and professional services in American cities. They collaborate with websites like Urbanspoon, Expedia, and MerchantCircle. Utilizing the Citysearch mobile app, you can access listings. You can use CitySearch to list your restaurant, bar, hotel, or other similar business so that customers can find it if you operate one.

23. Trustpilot

Trustpilot Group plc is a Danish consumer company that runs a review website that offers reviews of companies from all over the world and was established in Denmark in 2007. Each month, around a million fresh reviews are published. Businesses can use the website’s freemium services. Trustpilot. Give your clients a voice and helps you increase website traffic and lead generation.


The last thing a small business owner wants to do is invest their hard-earned money on advertising that does not pay off. But with so many possibilities available, it can be challenging to know where and how to start. There isn’t an ideal advertising plan when it comes to the many PPC techniques for small businesses. But you simply need to experiment different platforms to advertise your business online to see which will work for you.

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