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How to Use WhatsApp to Promote Your Business

How to Use WhatsApp to Promote Your Business

How to Use WhatsApp to Promote Your Business

Are you intending to start a business and evaluating the best social media app you can use to promote your enterprise? Do you currently have a business and are seeking for ways to sell your products or services to your clients online? You may find the right tool on WhatsApp.

Because it has unique capabilities for company owners and it gets clients close, WhatsApp is one of the main reasons it’s the greatest social media platform for marketing or advertising your products or services. As everyone is aware, WhatsApp was the original WhatsApp Business (WA Business).

Both of these messaging apps can be used to advertise or promote enterprises, but WhatsApp Business is superior because it offers more tools geared toward businesses. Anyone, however, is able to advertise or promote their business via WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business.

But in order to do this and quickly grow your customer base, which in turn generates quality leads, you need to know specific tips and tactics. I’ll thus be explaining how to easily market your company on this app in this article.

And if you can implement all of these suggestions, growing your company’s sales and profit won’t be difficult.

How do you use WhatsApp to market your business? Here are some pointers or ideas for how to introduce and market your company on WhatsApp.

1. Get WhatsApp for Business.

Like I previously stated, and for obvious reasons, WhatsApp Business is superior to regular WhatsApp. Because of this, you ought to download it instead. Both the iOS app store and the Google play store offer WhatsApp Business for free. Simply conduct a search for it and download it from the store you are currently using.

The next step after installing the app is to sign in using your phone number and a text message of confirmation. After that, you must provide the name of your company, a profile picture, and the category that your company belongs to.

I’ll suggest using your company’s emblem as your profile picture because it provides your WhatsApp profile a polished appearance. then decide which category best fits your company. It’s possible that WhatsApp’s business category does not include your line of work.

Do not worry if you cannot find it; simply continue. After successfully logging in, you will see conversations, status updates, and calls. This demonstrates that you are currently a WhatsApp user, but you still need to fill out the other fields that are necessary.

To do this, select “business profile” from the list of options by clicking the “3 dots” in the top left corner of the screen. Here, you can add any more pertinent business information that was missing when you signed up.

The company information includes:

  • Business name
  • Information
  • Categorical
  • Location
  • Email
  • Site page
  • Contact information

To complete any gaps before logging in, click on each of these and fill them in.

2. Create an away message.

The next thing you should do is set up your “away message” as soon as you have downloaded and configured WhatsApp. When you are not available, a pre-programmed message called a “away message” will automatically answer to your consumers.

When a client drops a chat and you are not available, an away message lets them know how and when you will respond to them. This is crucial for both you and your consumers. Click on “business tools” in your settings to configure your “away message”.

Click “away message” under “messaging,” turn on “send away message” if it is not already on, and click “away message.” enter the message you want to reply to your customers while you are not online then hit ‘save’.

3. Update your Status

Businesses and individuals may now easily and quickly advertise their products and services with just one click thanks to WhatsApp’s addition of status as one of its distinctive features. Potential clients can learn more about your company with just one update to your WhatsApp status.

But how should you strategically update your WhatsApp status? Because shooting photos and films to post on your status is not the only purpose. Posting crystal-clear images and videos is necessary to persuade customers.

For instance, if it’s a clothing store, your pictures and videos might show the many garments you have, how they look on your consumers, and if possible, how they are created. It also important when you promote these things on your status.

I’ll therefore discuss the ideal moment to update your WhatsApp status in the following point.

4. Publish a status update on WhatsApp.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp status lasts for 24 hours before disappearing, you still need to know the optimal time to update it in order to boost sales. Evenings are the perfect time to update your WhatsApp status.

The majority of your clients will be busy getting ready for work in the mornings, and they will be exhausted and want to rest or sleep at night, so none of these times are ideal. So, the optimal time to update your WhatsApp status is between 4 PM and 7 PM.

5. Answer calls and chats right away.

If you are not prepared to answer calls and chats as quickly as you can, there is no benefit to using WhatsApp marketing. You must be prepared to reply to all calls and talks about your company as a business owner. How many sales leads you have will depend on your ability to react swiftly.


When it comes to online business promotion and product and service advertising, WhatsApp is a really effective instrument. That necessitates perseverance and hard work, though. I’m hoping these pointers will be incredibly helpful to you. If there is anything I missed in this article or if you have any queries, please post them in the comments section.

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