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How to Get Investors for Your Product

How to Get Investors for Your Product

How to Get Investors for Your Product

Are you trying to find Nigerian angel investors? You should read this article. A Nigerian man may find it difficult to establish a product without finding an investor or investors to take it to the next level.

Here are some pointers on how to attract Nigerian investors for your product:

1. Patent your invention

You see, there are people who plagiarize both material and formulas. those who desire to rip where there was no stitching. These folks may appear kind and perhaps even sound professional, but everything they say is a fraud.

And the straightforward way to spot these people is by the in-depth inquiries they make regarding your goods. How do you do this to get that and how did you get that to obtain that can be some of these queries. Leave these people alone.

Do this to protect both you and your merchandise. Put your patent on your product right away. Investors might not mention this, but as a Nigerian, it is crucial. I’ll expand on this as we go forward with this essay.

2. Test Runs or Free Trials

We’re going to talk about giving your product to family, friends, and coworkers for free to gain fame. There are several advantages to doing this, but one of the biggest advantages is that you may conduct field testing.

Giving your product to others for testing helps you understand or imagine how buyers would react to it. Another benefit is that if people appreciate your product, they will promote it on your behalf. It’s similar to the blog posts I offer here.

Although the rest are vital, readers always unconsciously share the content that actually aids them in finding solutions to a certain problem they’ve been experiencing.

Note: A quality item will always sell itself. In addition to putting you in touch with clients, this also gives you the chance to network with possible product marketers. In the course of my buying and selling, I have encountered individuals who just want to sell my things because they like them rather than for the purpose of making a profit.

In Nigeria, you must also adhere to the law of giving and receiving, which states that “to receive, you must give first before you receive,” which is another reason why you must give away your product for free when you first launch it before starting a mass-production operation.

3. Get Investors’ names

The fifth and last stage of finding investors for your project in Nigeria is at this point. You must have developed some courage at this point in order to meet investors. I previously discussed how to meet influential men in Nigeria in two articles, but I’ll go over it again here because it has to do with powerful men who are Nigerian investors.

Before you can meet an investor, you must first figure out how to spot one. Because it is not written over their heads, as in other cases. At this point, you must start approaching acquaintances or visiting gathering spots for them.

They are on social media, or at least the bulk of them are. Start a conversation about your product by following them, liking their posts, and commenting on their status updates.

Caution: Never bother them. Let the discussion develop naturally. The most remarkable thing about approaching them with confidence is that they’ll suggest you to other friends who are investors if they are unable to purchase your product due to contractual obligations.

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Going to investor gatherings anyplace in Nigeria where investors congregate is another option to meet investors. Updates on meeting investors in Nigeria, overseas investors interested in Nigeria, an angel investor in Nigeria, tech investors in Nigeria, seed funding in Nigeria, and other topics will be provided in the near future.

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