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How to Secure a Car Dealership License

How to Secure a Car Dealership License

How to Secure a Car Dealership License

How to Secure a Auto Dealership License in Nigeria In one of our business ideas orders, we explained how you can start a auto business or how you can come a auto dealer in Nigeria. In that composition, we explained how important it’s for you to get a auto dealership license before you can start dealing buses .

So moment, we will be explaining how you can secure a auto dealership in Nigeria. There are numerous benefits you stand to gain when you have your own auto dealerships license in Nigeria. Some of these benefits are the fact that you’re suitable to stand on your own in your dealership business. And you don’t need to work hand- in- hand with another auto dealership just on the base of using their license.

Another benefit is that it proves your auto dealership business is legal in Nigeria. Without a dealership license it’s insolvable to run a legal auto business in Nigeria. Incipiently, the auto dealership license makes it easy for you to buy buses from auto dealership websites in noncommercial. When you enjoy your own auto dealership license you can import buses directly into the country without using any third- party. Then are way to get your own auto dealership license if you’re planning to go into the buying and selling of vehicles in Nigeria.

1. Show your evidence of finances

To want a auto dealership license means you want to go into the buying and selling of buses . And to start dealing with buses you need to have enough capital. This capital will run into millions of naira. Before you can secure your auto dealership license you need to have enough plutocrat in your bank account or have the fellow of that plutocrat as a fixed asset. This bank account will be used to prove that you can completely fund the auto business you’re going into. The type of capital you have at hand will also determine the type of dealership license that will be issued to you.

2. Determine type of License

There are two major types of auto dealership license. There’s the bone for noncommercial which requires too important plutocrat and there’s the bone for retail which doesn’t bear too important plutocrat. If you have a noncommercial auto dealership license you can buy buses in bulk to vend to other wholesalers or retailers. But if you have a retail license you can only buy buses and vend to companies, associations, individualities and the public. The type of license given to you is solely determined or grounded on the capital you have. still, numerous auto dealers get a retail auto license as this is what their capital can permit.

3. Pay and Register for your License

After meeting up with all the conditions I’ve mentioned before you can now apply for a license. All countries have different conditions still, there are parallels. If you’re in Lagos and you want to get a auto dealership license it’s important for you to know that it’s the Motor Vehicle Administration Agency( MVAA) that’s responsible for all auto dealership licenses according to the state laws. But if you don’t live in Lagos and you don’t know which agency or body is responsible for issuing a auto dealership license, you should go to any Federal Road Safety Commission( FRSC) office around you to ask and they will point you in the right direction.

4. Get other Auto Permits

Excursions from this license you need to get some permits from some civil bodies. Some of these permits include permits from the Nigerian police and Nigerian Custom Services. All these permits go a long way especially if there’s any case of auto thefts. Auto dealership license might take time to reuse and acquire but once you have it, it’s easy for you to get the permits alongside.

5. Choosing a Good position

One major factor that determines whether a auto business will succeed or fail is the position. numerous auto dealerships ’ licenses have been wasted simply because of the position of the business. You can not say you’re into the business of buying and dealing buses and your position is uncommunicative.

This will chase numerous intending buyers because they will feel you have a retired docket. As a auto dealer you need to make sure that the land you’re using is facing a major road. This could be a civil or state road. This place will make numerous auto possessors visit your dealership and buy from you fluently. translucency is also important in this business. If you’re deceitful by dealing bad or overvalued buses to your guests you’ll always have police cases. This is why you need to pay attention to where you’re importing your auto from.

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Retaining a auto dealership license is veritably profitable in Nigeria as there are numerous ways you can make plutocrat from this. still, it takes a lot of liabilities to make sure as time goes by bone doesn’t go into plutocrat laundering and other felonious acts. I hope I was suitable to answer all your questions on securing a auto dealership license in Nigeria? If there’s any part I miss or any other question you want me to answer, let me know in the commentary below.

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