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Nigerian Musician Career Guide

Nigerian Musician Career Guide

Nigerian Musician Career Guide

In Nigeria, are you a young man or woman? If you want to become a musician or music artist in Nigeria but are unsure of how to do so or what steps to take, read on. Read the entire story. I’ll explain to you in this article how the majority of aspiring musicians in Nigeria make money and sign with record labels.

Many musicians believe that in order to become millionaires or famous as musicians, they must be signed to a national or international record label, but this is untrue. As a musician in Nigeria, there are various methods to make money, both online and offline. Read through to the conclusion of this article to learn more about all of these.

Here are the measures to follow in order to start earning money as a musician or musical artist in Nigeria right now.

1. Develop your singing and pitching skills

In Nigeria, this is the next stage toward becoming a musician. I have observed numerous young people in Nigeria, both male and female, avoid this and declare their desire to become musicians. They claim that a great number of popular musicians in Nigeria’s music industry are unsuccessful singers despite their success.

As long as they can manipulate their way through, they rely on these artists as a guarantee that they will also become well-known and wealthy. Although occasionally true, this is not always the case. Several of these musicians have poor vocal abilities and only became well-known by coincidence or serendipity.

We all understand that not everyone is lucky. It does not guarantee that it will work for you just because it did for others. You should definitely learn to sing for this reason. I refer to becoming a proficient singer. Your voice contributes. You must put a lot of money into it because that is what will make you money.

Hiring a vocal coach is not necessary for you, especially if you are strapped for cash. Simply by watching various YouTube singing videos, you can learn how to sing online.

2. Develop Your Musical Instrument Skills

If you are serious about becoming a musician in Nigeria, learning to play at least one musical instrument is crucial. Additionally, a lot of musicians think this is not a big deal, but it is. Musicians who can play one or more instruments will always be preferred by fans and record companies over those who cannot.

Along with making you appear more handsome, being able to play an instrument and sing also makes it easier for you to write songs without having to visit a recording studio. Because Asa can play multiple instruments, he can easily compose his songs.

You may create an enduring song in a spare room of your house by just stringing some chords together on the keyboard or guitar. So be careful not to be duped by anyone. Playing musical instruments can earn you money, particularly at events, churches, and bars.

By doing this, you can profit from the Nigerian music industry right away. Many musicians first gained popularity as instrumentalists before becoming well-known as music artists.

3. Get Income from Singing and Instrument Playing

The question of how to generate money as a rookie in the entertainment business is one that many aspiring singers and artists in Nigeria have been asking, particularly when they are not yet signed to a record company. One of the main ways many artists earn money is through performing live vocals and instrumentals.

You can earn money by singing at events or clubs, or you can earn money by joining a band and performing instruments. How well you sing or play the instrument determines how much you are paid per show. This is why I stressed professionalism at the article’s beginning.

Although there are additional methods, these are the two most common. Read the article about the best ways to learn more techniques. Future artists and musicians in Nigeria earn money

It amazes me how many of us undervalue social media despite the fact that it is a really useful tool. One live singing performance is all it takes to go viral for days. You can share any other form of video if you don’t often post live footage.

Just make sure they pertain to you singing or going to events. Photos of you unwinding in the studio and on average days are also not bad. They let your supporters know that you are leading a fulfilling life.

4. Create music recordings in studios

After completing these tasks, it will be appropriate to record some songs in the studio. You can now write and record songs in the studio using the money you earned from performing in shows and playing music with bands.

Not all musicians or artists are capable of writing their own songs, so don’t bother trying. A song composer is someone you can pay to write songs for you. The cost of each studio session varies. Yet, numerous factors affect how much music producers charge per beat or session. E.g the caliber of the producer.

5. Internet music promotion

You can upload these tracks for online listening once you have finished recording and mixing them all. There are several ways to earn money on streaming services like YouTube. especially if thousands of people listen to the song. Therefore, market your music online. For more exposure, you can also run advertisements on YouTube.

6. Obtaining Record Label Signings

Being signed to a record company should be the last thing on your list if you’re a dedicated artist on the rise. It’s a common misconception among artists that they can’t be taken seriously as professional artists until they get signed to a record company.

In fact, record labels will avoid you more the more desperate you are. The promotion of your singles is what you should concentrate on. Before people realize you are signed to a record label, they will initially recognize you by your tracks and hit songs. When the chance to sign arises, you must carefully read your contract before agreeing to become an artist for that record label.

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Before you can become a musician in Nigeria or anyplace else in the globe, you don’t need to read any important topics in school (although you can study music in the university). I have seen singers who have achieved fame while never having read a note about music.

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