You are currently viewing How to Earn Money Selling on Jiji (2023)

How to Earn Money Selling on Jiji (2023)

How to Earn Money Selling on Jiji (2023)

How to Earn Money Selling on Jiji (2023)

I’ll go into great detail in this article about selling on Jiji to make money. We’ll examine what Jiji is actually for, why you should market or promote your things there, and the proper approach to sell on Jiji so you may profit from it.

Due to the fact that they are not making sales to their consumers, many people believe that selling goods or items on Jiji is not profitable. Consumers seldom ever see the advertisement, and those who do do not actually purchase. Even others claim that Jiji is a complete waste of time.

Many are unaware that selling products on Jiji involves more than merely posting what you are selling. It all depends on how you approach it. To learn the steps, read this article through to the end.

About Jiji.

Jiji is an African-specific online marketplace. It offers a venue for the exchange of goods and services between buyers and sellers. The largest internet marketplace in Africa is Jiji. You may buy and sell everything on this online market, including cars, clothes, phone accessories, and more. In the year 2016, Anton Wolyansky founded Jiji.

How is Jiji Operated?

Jiji allows you to establish an account with verification because of how it functions. Once this is completed successfully, you can move on to selecting the product category you wish to sell, uploading images, and providing a description of the item.

You will then add your phone number so that you can quickly and easily contact your consumers. That’s it. Because so many people use Jiji to search for things to buy, you will be able to sell quickly after opening an account there.

What number of nations does Jiji serve?

Jiji is not simply limited to Africa, unlike what many Africans believe. Since Jiji is an African e-commerce platform, it is also accessible in other African nations. Yet not all African nations have it.

Jiji is only accessible in the following countries as of the publication of this article:

1. Nigeria (

2. Kenya (

3. Ghana (

4. Tanzania (

5. Africa (

How Much Does Selling on Jiji Cost?

As a seller on Jiji, this is the finest advantage you can have. Jiji, as I already mentioned, is completely free for both merchants and buyers. To sell products on the Jiji platform, you are not required to pay Jiji a commission or service fee.

Anybody who advises you to bring a specific sum of money in order to register an account or sell on Jiji under the pretense of a service fee is lying to you.

Here are the steps for selling quickly on Jiji.

The Following Steps For Selling Quickly on Jiji:

1. Register with Jiji

The first step in selling on Jiji is to do this. The initial step in opening an account with Jiji depends on which of the qualifying African nations you are from. To visit the website directly, simply copy the link from the list above.

2. Fill out the registration forms.

It’s crucial to register your Gmail or Facebook accounts on Jiji. You can register manually, though, and then press the register button.

3. Check the Email Address

Also, if you wish to sell on Jiji, this is crucial. a confirmation code will be sent to the Gmail address you supplied after entering your account information. This is a safety precaution to make sure you are the legitimate owner of the email you provided.

4. Add a profile photo.

Even while this is not very crucial when creating an account on Jiji, it builds trust when clients are aware of your appearance. They become convinced that they can buy from you as a result. Click on the icon for your profile image on the left side of your Jiji dashboard to upload a clear photo of yourself to your Jiji account.

5. Posting Items for Sale on Jiji

It’s important to properly describe your product or service when you list it on Jiji. This aids Jiji in comprehending your merchandise and the straightforward promotion methods available.

1. Click on Publish Free Ad Button

Any component of the Jiji page has access to the “publish free ad” button. Simply look for it and click it to activate it.

2. Choose a Category

I once made this error when attempting to sell on Jiji last year, and as a result, potential buyers and customers were unable to find my profile. So, it is vital that you choose the appropriate category for your goods. For instance, make sure the category you select is apparel if you are selling clothing.

Make sure to select the laptops and computers category if you are selling laptops.

3. Provide Details

On the following page, you will enter information about your product, including its color and size, as well as its title, description, and pricing. For whatever reason, do not miss this page as it is crucial to your product’s visibility both on and off the Jiji website.

4. Add a Picture

It’s important for customers to be able to see what your products look like. That persuades people to purchase. At this point, take a clear picture of the item you wish to sell and upload it. You can upload three photographs to Jiji. You might take pictures of the goods in various sizes and hues simply to show off variety on your Jiji page.

5. Choose a Place

On jiji, this is typically avoided by many sellers. Some believe that choosing a site may put off potential buyers, especially if they see how far away it is from their home, but this is untrue. Choosing a location is a fantastic idea for your profile because it makes it easier for locals to find you.

Let’s take a scenario where you live in Epe, Lagos, Nigeria, and you sell live turkeys. Users can quickly find your profile when they search for turkey vendors in Epe, Lagos.

6. Provide an item listing

You should select “publish free advertisements” once all of this is finished. It is significant to remember that before being featured on Jiji, every product is reviewed. This is done to ensure that Jiji merchants follow the platform’s policies. Moreover, retailers are not permitted to sell illegal, dangerous, or stolen goods.

So, your profile will be deleted if you intend to sell all of these on the internet.

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You will be approved as a vendor on Jiji once you complete the steps I’ve outlined above and comply by the rules and guidelines. Customers who like your profile and are looking for your goods will click on it. They will get in touch with you and begin purchasing if they like what they see.

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