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Top Nigerian E-commerce Sites

Top Nigerian E-commerce Sites

Top Nigerian E-commerce Sites

E-commerce is the way to go when it comes to beginning an online business (selling and purchasing) or online trading. Currently, Nigeria is home to a large number of prominent e-commerce sites where you may sell your products and earn money as an affiliate marketer.

These online stores in Nigeria range in popularity from the most well-liked to the least well-liked. About the prices of the things sold, it also varies from the most costly to the least expensive.

Thus, I will be outlining today why Nigerian e-commerce is profitable despite the country’s lack of development, the greatest e-commerce websites in Nigeria, and how you may profit from selling goods on these websites as a seller or affiliate marketer.

Certainly, a lot of people believe that e-commerce platforms in Nigeria are used only to sell products like clothing, gadgets, and other items, but this is untrue. Joining the affiliate programs of these e-commerce sites in Nigeria will also earn you money.

So, you can still profit from these eCommerce websites regardless of whether you have something to sell.

Is Nigerian e-commerce profitable?

There are many questions about whether e-commerce in Nigeria is lucrative, particularly given the underdeveloped nature of the nation. For instance, not every Nigerian uses a phone, let alone the number of Nigerians who use smartphones (android and iOS).

Other from this, there hasn’t been a significant decrease in the price of internet subscriptions. And these two resources are crucial pillars of Nigerian eCommerce. Nonetheless, I’d like to let you know that the company is prosperous for a variety of other, well-known factors.

The traffic conditions in Nigerian cities are the main factor making e-commerce profitable. Nigerians are increasingly purchasing online to relieve their tension as a result of the heavy traffic every day, especially on the weekends.

Convenience is the second most important factor in why online shopping is successful in a nation like Nigeria. Owing to their hectic schedules, many Nigerians would rather buy online and have their purchases delivered right to their doorsteps than visit malls or supply stores.

Nigerians also prefer to purchase online for quick and easy shopping in order to escape the stress of seeking for a specific item or commodity.

Top Nigerian e-commerce sites

The following are top nigerian e-commerce sites:

1. Jumia

One of the best e-commerce sites in Nigeria is this one. In May 2012, Jumia launched in Nigeria. One of the most well-known internet malls is it. In fact, it was listed as Nigeria’s most well-liked e-commerce site by Amazon’s Alexa.

The things on Jumia are reasonably priced. This explains why many Nigerians enjoy shopping at the internet retailer. You can sell nearly anything on JUMIA as a seller, including books.

Along with earning money as a seller on Jumia, you can also earn money as an affiliate marketer by promoting, advertising, and persuading customers to purchase products there. You receive payment when customers use your link to purchase these products.

Even though the amount you earn per item you buy may not seem like much right now, it will be valuable at the end of the year or every six months. If you are seriously considering making money on Jumia, read our article on how to sell there for profit.

2. Konga

Several Nigerians think Konga is the greatest online retailer to use if you want to buy high-quality goods. You cannot consider Konga to be a cheap internet retailer because their products are somewhat expensive. Konga has strategically placed warehouses with commodities in major Nigerian cities to ensure that orders are delivered on time.

Konga is the way to go if you own a small business that sells products and want to quickly boost sales. By joining their affiliate programs, you can also work as an affiliate marketer for Konga. When it comes to its affiliate marketing schemes, Konga follows the same procedure as Jumia.

3. Vconnect Nigeria

If you are familiar with vconnect, you are aware that it was once Nigeria’s company listing website before recently changing to an open marketplace. Businesses can advertise their goods and services to Nigerians in this open market arena.

Like any other e-commerce website in Nigeria, Vconnect offers other services such as logistics. In contrast to Konga and Jumia, which are primarily used by young Nigerians, vconnect is currently used by older Nigerians.

4. Ajebo Market

Similar to how the name Ajebo denotes wealthy people. Rich men can browse online and buy high-quality men’s clothing at the ajebo market. Celebrities and politicians are aware of the online fashion portals. People would rather shop there than at a physical store.

One of the best online stores for fashion in Nigeria is Ajebo market.


If you own a car or plan to buy one, you have probably heard about cheki. One of the top websites for online buying for automobiles is Cheki. They also sell other types of vehicles, including buses, trucks, and bikes.

When it comes to purchasing for automobiles online, Checki is a reputable and trustworthy platform. You cannot earn money as an affiliate marketer with Cheki because they do not offer affiliate programs.

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