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Steps to Start a Church in Nigeria -2023

Steps to Start a Church in Nigeria

Steps to Start a Church in Nigeria -2023

Consider starting a church in Nigeria, do you? Do you think God has called you? You want to start your own church, but you’re unsure of the procedures required in registering it with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

For all the information you require, read our article all the way through. In Nigeria, starting a church is as simple as printing fliers and having a space to serve. Legal procedures are involved. If capital is required to create a church in Nigeria, there are doubts.

In Nigeria, you can create a church without any money. All you need is a name that is registered. If your church is registered, you can even start out in a room or neighborhood until your population is growing well enough for you to rent or buy land.

The step-by-step instructions for setting up a church in Nigeria are provided below:

1. Get a pastoral education

After being called, the first step in starting a church in Nigeria is to receive formal training, which can only be obtained by enrolling in a pastoral school. These schools are widespread in Nigeria’s many states. There are both free and paid options.

You can complete these programs in 3 to 6 months and earn your certification to serve as a church minister. You have two options as a pastor: you can either build your own church or manage another pastor’s congregation together.

2. Identify the church under CAC.

Despite the fact that churches are not thought of as business concerns, this stage requires a lot of effort. You can, however, complete it yourself. The steps are listed below.

A. Give the church a name

Choosing a name for your proposed church is the first step in registering it with the CAC. You’ll require a primary name and two backup names in case the first one is taken.

B. Establish a board of trustees

Even if you wish to be the only proprietor of your church, the CAC mandates that you have a board of trustees. In the same way that incorporated firms have shareholders, your church will be governed and managed by this board of trustees.

Filling out any returns is the responsibility of the board of trustees.

C. Post a Notice to Establish a Church

You must make the public aware that you are founding a church once your proposed church name has been approved and your board of trustees has been established. This announcement must be published in at least two newspapers, one of which is well-known in the area. This announcement is intended to let the neighborhood know about the church.

D. Fill out your application form, then submit it.

Simple elements including the prospective church’s name, registration address, mission statement, and trustees’ personal information are needed on the application form (their names, gender, nationality, permanent residential address, occupation and more).

The completed application form must be provided along with supporting documentation, including a cover letter, the original newspaper articles from which the trustees were appointed, the meeting minutes, and two passports for each trustee member.

E. The documents are examined

If there are no outstanding difficulties, all the paperwork will be examined and your church will be properly registered.

3. Practice evangelism

Following your church’s CAC registration, you should immediately start a huge evangelistic campaign to draw new members and grow your congregation. Digital marketing is a tool that you can use for internet evangelism.

You can hire a graphic designer to create a flyer for offline advertising, and then use a printing press to produce the flyers. After that, ask your volunteers to distribute these flyers at bus stops and inside the vehicles.

4. Create Income

Your congregation’s attendance will bring about a gradual rise in revenue. Offerings, tithes, and seeds can be utilized to build the church by funding speakers, microphones, and other equipment.

It is crucial to continually grow your membership because as your church’s membership grows, so does its earnings. You’ll eventually need to register for a church account (current account).

At first, having one account is OK, but as time goes on, you’ll need to have separate accounts for your offerings and tithing.

5. Get a Piece of Land and Put Up a Structure

Every church needs to have its own property (a permanent site). This should be your first objective as a church owner so that you can cease paying rent as soon as possible. The hardest thing is buying the land because it is so expensive now.

Particularly those that are near busy roadways. Building a church will be simpler once you are able to purchase land. Your board of trustees also plays a role in this. They will persuade them to provide money for the church’s construction while also inviting them to join your church as members.

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It is simple to start a church in Nigeria, but it is difficult to keep members since there are so many distractions from other churches. To stand out and always put your members’ needs first, you must be able to give back. Whenever they visit the church, make them feel welcome.

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