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Introduction To Copywriting

Introduction To Copywriting

A lot of you may have been asking this question, what is copywriting?. While a whole lot of you, may have mistaken copywriting for copyrighting. These terms are two different words, with different spellings and different meanings. I am going to talk about the basic introduction to copywriting in this article. So stay glued.

What Is Copywriting?

The skill of writing words for marketing reasons is known as copywriting. It is made to promote your goods and services while giving your company a voice. Copywriting’s primary goal is to persuade readers to perform a specific action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a service, or completing another conversion. 20% writing and 80% selling make up copywriting.

There are many distinct types of copywriting. Copywriting includes writing for things like brochures, websites, white papers, social media posts, company taglines, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But using words alone is only one aspect of copywriting. Great copy conveys your brand’s image while telling an engaging story. It tugs at the threads that cause the reader of what you’re writing to make a decision.

Who is a copywriter?

Simply put, a copywriter is a salesperson in print. one who is adept at understanding human behavior and uses it to his advantage by employing clever language and behavioral cues to motivate people to take action. A copywriter promotes emotion and a way of life rather than goods or services.

Types Of Copywriters

We have different types of copywriters which includes

1. Corporate Copywriters

These are people who write brochures, sales letters, email sequences, and other materials for corporate bodies or groups. Their compensation is time-based. They devote all of their time, energy, and work to the businesses they promote.

2. freelance copywriters

There are many freelance websites where you can register and begin freelancing as a copywriter. It’s vital to keep in mind, though, that these websites take 20% of every dollar you earn. You can register on freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork,, etc.

3. agency copywriters

In this case, you establish your own copywriting business from scratch. You are not required to give anyone a percentage of the money you earn. Each and every dollar you have earned is yours.

4. celebrity copywriters

These teams of copywriters include of individuals who have established themselves, grown their brands, and attained prominence. Dan Lok, David Ogilvy, Eugene Schwartz, Gio Marcus, Akin Alabi, Emmanuel Okonkwo, Ronald Nzimora, Nnamani Czar Anikulapo, and others are well-known copywriters.

Branches of copywriting

There are different branches of copywriting which includes:

  • Website copywriting.
  • SEO copywriting.
  • Product description copywriting.
  • B2B copywriting.
  • B2C copywriting.
  • Direct response copywriting.
  • Ad copywriting.
  • Social media copywriting.

The copywriting formula

The Copywriters have a formula in which they follow, I’ll list them out in their order

  1. Products: Before you start writing out a compelling sales copy. It is important you have the product at hand.
  2. Offers: Let your customers know why they should buy this product and what will happen if they don’t purchase the product now.
  3. Lead Generation: This offer is going to generate leads and prospects for you
  4. Conversion: Which in turn will give you conversion and sales.
  5. Over-delivery and upsells: All you have to do is deliver well and maybe upsell too.

The main distinction between a copywriter and a typical marketer is in offer creation. A marketer sells a product, whereas a copywriter sells an offer.

Advantages of copywriting

Flexible schedule

You opt to work from home as a copywriter. Having this expertise makes it possible to have a flexible schedule because you won’t have to put in as much effort each day. When required, you are contacted.

You are always required

This is due to the fact that you contribute to a company’s or brand’s sales. Every business depends on sales, and your role as a copywriter is crucial to generating those sales.

It is a high income skill

Based on search data from the last ten years, Google Trends reports that the interest in copywriting is at an all-time high globally right now. People will be willing to pay for those who are experts in this area of the game if there is a significant demand for expertise.


It’s crucial to understand that a copywriter is required for every business to expand and generate revenue in order to accelerate the development of the firm, corporation, or organization. A fundamental skill that is likewise quite unstable is copywriting. You now have knowledge of copywriting thanks to the simple introduction I provided here.

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