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How to Get Started in Nigeria as a Video Editor

How to Get Started in Nigeria as a Video Editor

How to Get Started in Nigeria as a Video Editor

Today, becoming a video editor is one of the best ways to make money in Nigeria, both online and offline. In this post, we’ll look at the steps you need to take to become a video editor in Nigeria, the requirements, and the various ways you may get paid as one locally, both in local currency and in US dollars.

Hence, in order to be fully informed, I will suggest you to read this essay all the way through. A perfect video is always produced by two professionals, whether it’s a movie, comedy skit, or music video. They are editors and videographers. Professionals who create videos for a living are called videographers.

Each type of videographer has a focus. Some concentrate on skits, while others concentrate on outdoor ceremonies. A video editor, however, can edit any video as long as it requires editing.

1. Go to a movie school

It is a requirement in Nigeria to learn how to edit videos. Video editing is not a talent. Nobody’s natural ability is it. You must acquire the necessary skills. And the best thing about this is you can use your phone to learn or use your laptop however to look professional it is vital you obtain a laptop.

You can enroll in a film school for six months, a year, or two years to receive training. In Nigeria, there are various film schools. The most well-known is the Wale Adenuga-owned PEFTI Film Institute. You can learn online if for some reason you are unable to attend these institutions.

Online training is available from a variety of institutions, and upon completion, certificates are issued. Particularly if you wish to edit movies or movies for a production business, these qualifications can be beneficial. YouTube is also a hugely influential platform. There you can learn how to edit videos for free.

2. Develop your Editing Skill

Learning how to edit videos is not good enough. You need to develop your talents and the key way you may develop your video editing expertise is to practice. There are several video editing applications for both phones and PCs. Depending on the editing software that was used to train you, you need to master this software.

You can even start a YouTube channel if this will drive you to continue practicing every time. Creating a YouTube channel will also indicate progress. And when clients see this they will be able to contact you easily and patronize you.

3. Calculate your Prices for Videos

Similar to the United States, Canada, or any other country in the world, there are different prices for video editors in Nigeria. As a video editor you need to know how much you will charge clients for the jobs you do for them. If you work online, this could pay per hour or each video.

For instance, you must decide how much you will charge for commercial editing. This is because you cannot charge the same amount for commercials for YouTube videos. Additionally, you should be aware that since you are just starting out, your fees must be high.

You do not want to turn potential customers away before they even give you a chance. Additionally, fees vary depending on your locality, state, and even regions. For example, video editors in Lagos will naturally charge more than the video editors in distant places in Nigeria.

4. Build your Portfolio

Getting clientele that will patronize you in the beginning can be tricky. This is because you are just starting out and you are not famous yet. At this time or stage, you need to thread carefully. You can start out by searching for YouTubers that will need video editors for their videos.

You can tell them to give you a try. If at all possible, you should edit one video for them at no cost so they can check out your work and decide whether to hire you. With that, you can create a brand-new customer base. Famous video editors in Nigeria started like this.

They did not just rise to fame within a twinkle of an eye. That required endurance and time.

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A lucrative skill is video editing. It calls for the capacity to pay close attention to detail and fulfill the needs of the client. If you are persistent and industrious enough, this ability can help a Nigerian create a nice living.

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