21 Steps to Google Monetization Program.

This is a step by step guide for building a Google monetized websites and other digital assets worth over $500 + Prebuilt website templates and virtual assistance to make the process easier and possible to accomplish in just 21 days

Alright, a bit confused ? Let me break this downūüĎá

1. You will learn how to build a Google Monetized Website that is worth over  $500 in 21 easy steps.

The cost of building such website is about $20 ( this is money to buy your domain name and Website Hosting for one year, your hosting can be used for several websites in a year ,  the price may vary depending on the company you are buying from, best affordable recommendations has been made on this training )

2. You will get your website approved for monetization by Google Ads Network using the website templates  we have provided in this training
( Everything you need to do to achieve this has be shown carefully on this program, my team will guide you on each step , and solve any technical issue you may encounter )

3. Once your website is approved for Monetization by Google, you may sell it for about 10x Profits or use it to earn money for yourself.

There are not many businesses on earth that gives such profit margin, but this one does.

Now on the concept of selling your Monetized Website, I will be as transparent and honest as possible, a Google Monetized Website is extremely valuable and can be used to earn in dollars every month, this is the reason why people are ever willing to buy it at a high price.

Building such websites and selling it is one of the best business model online, this is what I’ve been personally doing over the years, but currently, I’m more about earning¬† money with a Google monetized website myself, than building it to sell.

Hence, I am personally offering to buy such site from you instantly at a good price, my team may use it to earn money, or add more value to it and sell it at a higher price on flippa.com,  that way, you make money, i make money, and everybody is happy.

However, If you intend to make money with your monetized website like i do myself, then i will hold your hands and guide you through, but first, you will require the skills and  tools provided in this program to build and manage a Google Monetized website.  


Get access to the following or Let our Experts Help you do it. 

  1. How to Build and Sell Monetized Website Worth Over $500
  2. Prebuilt Template For Ease
  3. Virtual Assistance
  4. Technical Support with our Tech Team
  5. Direct Access to our Social Community with thousand of Buyers.

Frequently Asked Question !

This is a website that has been approved by Google Ads Exchange to display paid advertisement and earn money after meeting all necessary requirements, see picture below

Digital Monetized Assets acts as a new income source to the owners, a typical example is a Google monetized website which can be used to earn thousands of dollars monthly, hence, buyers are willing to pay so much for it.

Yes, you can build this type of asset and use it to earn online for yourself, however, this may offer a steady source of income but will take few weeks to some months to grow to a significant earnings, however, by deciding to sell the assets you’ve¬† built, there are a lot of potential buyers in our community ready to buy at a¬† high price within 24 hours

You will get instant access to the course, as well as access to all the extra package included. 

This takes away the hassle of building a digital asset from scratch and saves you  a lot of time, you can easily install a prebuilt templates and make only a few customization, our templates are highly valuable and monetizeable.

We accept all major payment methods including bank transfer, card payments and cryptocurrencies,¬† for card payment, pay via the “Access Now button” for other payment options, contact us

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This product comes with a 100%¬† refund policy , you DO NOT take any risk in this product, if you implement the steps as shown or you’re not satisfied with the product, you can reach out to our sales team for a refund

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